Bhutan Agro

What we do

Water Filling and Filtration

With rapid urbanization and industrialization in the country, the risk of contamination of water sources is very high. To ensure that the consumers have access to safe drinking water, the water bottling line was set up. The bottling line is equipped with batteries of filters, micro filters, Ultra filtration & ozonation system. Rapid testing kits validated by AOAC methods  are used to monitor the microbiological parameters which ensures premium quality crystal clear bottled water throughout the season.

Canning Line

Bhutan Agro Industries uses the latest canning technology to manufacture premium canned Fruits Juices. The process of ‘hermetic seal’ ensures the retention of freshness and sensory qualities of the fruits. Sterilization using such technology is an absolute method to assure both food safety and quality while making storage of fruit juices shelf stable at ambient conditions.  

Jam Line

With the objective to deliver exotic fruit based jams using the art of home made technic, Bhutan Agro Industries uses the latest technology steam jacketed kettles to produce premium jams and preserves. The jams are made with a formulation of higher fruit content keeping in mind the health and wellness aspect of the rapidly changing lifestyle of the consumers.


Fruit juices undergo mild heat treatment called Pasteurization. The technology used is a tubular pasteurization system which exposes the juices to a thermal process for a few seconds. The high heat & short time preserves the fruit juice aroma and health beneficial components in fruit juice while eliminating the pathogenic organisms.


Bhutan Agro Industries is among the first few food industries in the country to be recognized as an ISO Food Safety Management System certified establishment. The production quality control system consists of the standard requirements of ISO 22000:2018 FSMS. The system is a ‘farm to fork’ approach which requires the standardization of raw materials at the time of receipt, need for the process & methods to be validated and traceability of all finished goods maintained. In the pursuit of achieving food safety and quality excellence the rapid AOAC validated methods are used not only for microbial control but also for hygiene and sanitation monitoring using the Bioluminescence ATP swabs.

Given the global shift towards ‘health and wellness’ based product ideas, innovation to the existing products through R&D has become extremely important. Therefore, Bhutan Agro Industries has established a state of the art  R&D  facility supported by a qualified and dedicated team. The team is continuously striving towards development of  products using the ingredients safe and healthy to fit the changing needs of time.